Sundancing Chelsea O – by JBS Sham Again – Filly Foaled 5-16-15

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1-23-18 – Meeting Her Trainer
Chelsea, January 23, 2018
Chelsea, January 23, 2018


Sundancing Chelsea O – October 2017


Sundancing Chelsea O – May 2017 – 15.3H

Mary says “Only her hairdresser knows for sure …”
The windswept look – April 2017

Mary shared these photos and video taken 3-3-17!
We are so proud of Mary and Chelsea!
Enjoy!Chelsea5 3-3-17

Chelsea4 3-3-17

Chelsea3 3-3-17

Chelsea2 3-3-17

Chelsea1 3-3-17



May & Chelsea October 2016


Terra & Chelsea October 29, 2016
October 29, 2016

Chelsea is a sweet, in your pocket two year old measuring 15.3H.  She is registered with the ApHC and ICAA.  Five panel clean by default, she will produce foals eligible for ApHC, ICAA, Colorado Ranger, and Sportaloosa registries, to name a few.  She will produce FAHR eligible foals if crossed with a stallion rated by FAHR at 86.25% or higher.

SOLD in June 2016 – Congratulations, Mary Lilliel!
Chelsea & Mary 6-2-16


May 18, 2015

Sundancing Chelsea O is registered with the ApHC (90%FPD), currently the most recognized Appaloosa registry in the US.  She is also registered ICAA F3, and will be recognized as foundation to their purebred program.  Chelsea is eligible for registration with Sportaloosa International, the registry for spectacular spotted athletes; CRHA, a bloodline registry.  Chelsea is around 63.75% Foundation according to FAHR calculations and will produce FAHR eligible offspring if bred to a stallion of 86.25% or higher.

Chelsea has had six weeks of professional ground training.   


Chelsea ApHC Reg-Front Chelsea FPD Pedigree Chelsea ICAA Reg-Front


Her sire and dam both tested 5 Panel Clear
making her negative by default.

Genetics also indicate she will produce
Appaloosa characteristics including LP color patterns.

Sire Test Results –

AGI-Sham     Dam Test Results –









Chelsea’s top line is double Joker B (F678).  She is also loaded with other  legendary blood like Joker’s Sundance (8975), Chief Chelsea (F2154), J.B.’s Sham-O-Kin (109476), and Man O’ War (TB) – her namesakes.

The following photos were taken November 14, 2015, by Lauren Dettmer during six weeks of professional groundwork by Jim Dettmer at Dettmers Rising Sun.
Chelsea is a joy to handle, leads, ties, stands for farrier, and halters with ease.

Sundancing Chelsea O November 14, 2015 at Dettmers Rising Sun

Both-LD19-11-14-15 Both&Westin-LD22-11-14-15 BothFace-LD16-11-14-15 Chelsea 11-14-15 Chelsea-LD1-11-14-15 Chelsea-LD18-11-14-15 Chelsea&Westin-LD21-11-14-15 ChelseaRight-LD18-11-14-15

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of Sundancing Chelsea O and her famous ancestors.

Sundancing Chelsea O’s top line carries the racing blood of

1939 with Ms MacDonald
Man O’ War (with Ms MacDonald – 1939)

(Picture to Follow)
War Pardon

Three BarsThree Bars (TB).

Her dam’s racing lines include

Mr. Spotted Bull 150907
Mr. Spotted Bull (ApHC150907/1999 Racing HoF)
Leading Sire of Money Earners in 1977
A Medallion Stallion

beaubusherBeau Busher (TB)

carries the blood of these EIGHT 1988 ApHC Hall of Fame legends:


Joker B F-678
Joker B, F678

Mansfield Comanche, F3096

Bright Eyes Brother
Bright Eyes Brother, F3047

Apache F-730
Apache, F730

Wapiti F5445

Chief of Fourmile
Chief of Fourmile, F2219

High Hand 3366 T733
High Hand, F3366

She also has several lines to these ApHC Foundation Appaloosas:

Toby I, F203

Toby II F-113
Toby II, F113

High Thunderbird F1822 (a)
High Thunderbird, F1822

Wapiti II 83121
Wapiti II, 83121

Chief Malheur F1274
Chief Malheur, F1274

MOROCCANLEOPARDMoroccan Leopard, F1472

LEOPARDCORTEZLeopard Cortez, F1072

LITTLEMANSLittle Man S, F1789/CRHA690

RAINYMOONRainy Moon, F181

Click here for Chelsea’s pedigree.

This little girl has a lot going for her in any direction!
I can’t wait to see what she does in the right hands.
Please check back often for new pictures and video.


Sundancing Chelsea O First foal of JBS Sham Again Foaled May 16, 2015
Sundancing Chelsea O
First foal of JBS Sham Again
Foaled May 16, 2015
12 Hours Old
12 Hours Old
17 Hours Old
17 Hours Old
17 Hours Old
17 Hours Old
Look at those white ear tips!
Look at those white ear tips!


May 18, 2015 - 2 Days
May 18, 2015 – 2 Days



June 2 –

This girl is growing so fast and her face is getting DARKER every day!  Running is her favorite pass time! She loves people.  If it ever stops raining long enough for the mud to dry up I’ll post new pictures and video.  FTR – Indiana has just reached an all time record rainfall in any one month, ever!


Chelsea & Joker August 6, 2015
August 6, 2015 ———Chelsea (left) & Joker


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