Joker Nava O Sunbear – by JBS Sham Again – Gelding Foaled 6-4-15

Joker enjoys a life of luxury with Roger & Sue Mulhall.  Sue often sends me pictures and videos of him with his new barn brothers, Ozzie and Prez.  Thank you, Sue!

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January 19, 2018 – A peek under his blanket!
First Saddle – September 2017

Mid June 2017 – Such a happy handsome 2YO!



Joker enjoyed a bath today.
“Yes, I’m handsome!
Thank you vey much!”


Joker Late Feb-2017
Joker Nava O Sunbear – Late February, 2017
Joker Nava O Sunbear – September 2016 –
Joker Nava O Sunbear – September 2016 –

Joker Enjoying His New Home – July 31, 2016


SOLD – Congratulations, Sue Mulhall!

Joker & Sue -1
Sue & Joker May 2016



Julia & Joker July4-2



Julia & Joker July 4-1
Joker Nava O Sunbear, One Month

Joker is registered with the ApHC (93%FPD), currently the most recognized Appaloosa registry in the US. He is also registered ICAA F3.  Joker is eligible for registry with Sportaloosa International, the registry for spectacular spotted athletes, CRHA, a bloodline registry.   He has had six weeks of professional ground training. 


Joker ApHC Reg-Front

Joker FPD Pedigree

Joker ICAA Reg-Front

His sire and dam both tested 5 Panel Clear making him negative by default.

Sire –


     Dam –


Genetics also indicate he will produce Appaloosa characteristics including LP color patterns.  He will be gelded if not sold as a yearling.  Joker’s top line is double Joker B, F678 – his namesake along with Navajo Britches, Man O’ War,  and Blue Bear Grand Gal.

The following photos were taken November 14, 2015, by Lauren Dettmer during six weeks of professional groundwork by Jim Dettmer at Dettmers Rising Sun.
Joker is a joy to handle, leads, ties, stands for farrier, and halters with ease.  If you’re looking for a foundation stallion prospect, act now.  Joker will be gelded soon if not sold.

Joker-LD2-11-14-15JokerRight-LD8-11-14-15 JokerRight-LD6-11-14-15 JokerEarTips-LD20-11-14-15 Joker2 11-14-15 Joker-LD17-11-14-15 Joker-LD13-11-14-15 Joker 11-14-15 BothFace-LD16-11-14-15 Both&Westin-LD22-11-14-15 Both-LD19-11-14-15

Chelsea-LD14-11-14-15 12250675_10103074761280748_411705700_o-2

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of Joker Nava O Sunbear and his famous ancestors.

In addition to Joker B, Joker’s top line carries the racing blood of

1939 with Ms MacDonaldMan O’ War (with Ms MacDonald – 1939)

(Picture to Follow)
War Pardon (TB)

Three BarsThree Bars (TB)

His dam’s racing lines include:

Apache F-730
Apache, F730


Sizzle Britches F2112Sizzle Britches, F2112


Navajo BritchesNavajo Britches, F2709


Joker carries the blood of these 1988 ApHC Hall of Fame legends:


Joker B F-678
Joker B, F678

Mansfield Comanche, F3096

Bright Eyes Brother
Bright Eyes Brother, F3047

Apache F-730
Apache, F730

Navajo BritchesNavajo Britches, F2709

He also has several lines to these ApHC Foundation Appaloosas:

Toby I, F203

Toby II F-113
Toby II, F113

Wapiti II 83121
Wapiti II, 83121

WapitiWapiti, 5445

Click here for Joker’s pedigree.

This boy has a lot going for him in any direction!
He’s already demonstrating a  love for running.
Please check back often for new pictures and video.


Newborn Joker
Joker Nava O Sunbear,  Foaled 6-4-2015


The following photos and video were taken at about 20 Hours Old
– and then the rains came.

Joker at 200 Hours

Joker at 20 Hours

Joker at 20 Hours

June 4, 2015

June 30, 2015 – Almost one Month


Chelsea & Joker August 6, 2015
August 6, 2015 —Chelsea/left & Joker/right)


Joker & Julia

Joker & Julia ………. August 15, 2015



Joker 8-25-15
JokerCrop 8-25-15

Joker Crop 8-25-15


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