May 24, 1998 – September 3, 2017

With a heavy heart I must report that, after a sudden, very unexpected and undefined illness, JBS Sham Again slipped away peacefully in his pasture on a quiet Sunday evening. His passing was assisted by his veterinarian and a dear friend with his humans by his side.

Sham is buried next to his sire, J.B.’s Sham-O-Kin, at the entrance to the home where he was bred, born, and lived happily for 19 short years. His pain was brief and ended quickly.  Our pain has just begun. He is sorely missed and forever in our hearts.

Sham’s long awaited and much anticipated breeding career for the good of the breed had just begun. He is survived by a 2015 son in Ohio (Joker Nava O Sunbear), a 2015 daughter in Michigan (Sundancing Chelsea O), and a 2017 daughter in NW Indiana (SR Ivory Rose). His legacy also includes two eagerly awaited 2018 foals in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

RIP my sweet and handsome boy.


1998 LPLP Red Snowcap
Heavily Roaned (NOT Grey)
15.3 Hands – Measured
5 Panel Test for Genetic Disorders – Clear

Sham-V2-8-9-16 Sham-V1-8-9-16August 9, 2016

NEWS FLASH MAY 9, 2016 – JBS Sham Again is 62.5% Foundation according to FAHR calculations and can produce FAHR eligible offspring from mares calculated at 87.5% and higher.  Effective immediately, Sham will breed 5 panel negative FAHR mares of 87.5% and higher for FREE.  Please verify your #’s with FAHR before booking.


AN2V3061September 2013 

“Sham is the perfect synthesis of genotype and phenotype. He has a diverse pedigree of high quality Appaloosa blood that expresses itself in conformation that is superior to any stallion at his level of purity. I cannot imagine breeding to any other foundation bred Appaloosa.”
———- Jim Dettmer, Trainer, Show Judge, Teacher

Sham is a classic Appaloosa no matter how you define Appaloosa!
He is registered –

1.  Appaloosa Horse Club (577371 – 77% FPD)JB's Sham Again
2.  International Colored Appaloosa Association (F2-2609) – BD incorrectICAA Registration
3.  Colorado Ranger Horse Association (7254)CRHA Front
4.  Sportaloosa International (545)SportaloosaRegCertSham

Sham is 62.5% foundation according to Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry calculations and will throw a FAHR eligible foal from mares calculated by FAHR as 87.5% and higher.

Like his dad, J.B.’s Sham-O-Kin, and most other Appaloosas, Sham Again has a gentle, trusting, and eager to please personality that I am seeing in his foals!  JBS Sham Again foaled just after the ApHC banned special characters in names or he would be J.B.’s Sham-A-Gin.  Drive up our driveway and Sham Again will greet you at the gate.  He loves people!

His Appaloosa (LP) characteristics include mottled skin, white sclera, and “a few” black spots on his face.  Being a heavily roaned red snowcap with white legs, he does not have striped hooves common to the Appaloosa but not on a white leg.  Unlike most Appaloosas, Sham has a beautiful lush mane and tail – no extensions needed.  His trainer, Jim Dettmer, says he moves “deep in the hock” and should be very athletic.

According to “The Appaloosa Project”, a fairly recent study of only 30 Appaloosas, along with double LP comes Congenital Stationery Night Blindness (CSNB) in varying degrees.  If this study proves accurate, ALL double LP Appaloosas are born with CSNB.  Most, like Sham, learn to live with it quite well having never known any different.  I do not see well in the dark either; I turn on a light!  In Sham’s case we have seen no indication of any vision problem, ever.  If not for this study I would not have considered it a possibility.  Other than common sense, CSNB requires no additional care or expense.  It is not progressive nor painful, and does not affect daylight vision.  Knowing does give me an edge in understanding his needs and how to prevent CSNB in his foals.

AGI-ShamThere is no escaping the LP gene if you are breeding Appaloosas for the color and characteristics they are known for, but one copy is all that is needed.  Double LP assures Sham will always throw only one copy of LP to his foals which guarantees Appaloosa color pattern and/or characteristics.  According to the study, one copy of LP from Sham does not result in a foal with CSNB unless another copy is thrown by its dam!  For this reason, until more definitive research is available, Sham will not be bred to another double LP.  Testing is the best way to know if your Appaloosa carries two copies of LP but you can be fairly certain it does if it is a fewspot or snowcap (Appaloosa characteristics with no or very few spots).

According to testing by Animal Genetics, JBS Sham Again does not carry PATN1.  This is the explanation on the AGI website.  The Appaloosa Project also has a brief explanation of PATN1.  These studies seem to explain the expression of “snowcap” on JBS Sham Again and his foals to date.  (Click on the highlighted explanation links to see these descriptions.)

Most importantly, JBS Sham Again and his foals are all free of genetic defects identified by the 5 Panel Test.  When expressed, these heartbreaking conditions are painful for the horse, expensive and difficult for owners to maintain, and often fatal.  No breed is immune.  These five genetic defects could easily be eliminated in one generation of responsible breeding yet surprisingly some breeders continue to breed them forward!  NO HORSE IS WORTH THIS RISK!  AQHA is now requiring this five panel test for breeding stock and ICAA plans to do so in the near future.  Be sure to ask for these negative test results when considering any breeding.  If only one result is given, ask for the other four.

I am not an expert on genetics but if you have questions I can help you find answers from those who are.  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  Also, please visit the CSNB information on the Animal Genetics website linked above as well as the Appaloosa Project linked on the scrap book page of this website.

JBS Sham Again carries these proven legendary bloodlines –

Joker B F-678 Joker B, F678 (twice)
(ApHC Hall of Fame Stallion)

DOUBLESIXDOMINOMANSFIELDSCOMANCHEDouble Six Domino, 2646, by Mansfield’s Comanche, F3096
(Both ApHC Hall of Fame Stallions)

COOTERVILLENORELLSLITTLEREDCooterville Norrell’s Little Red, F1673

Bright Eyes BrotherBright Eyes Brother, F3047
(ApHC Hall of Fame Stallion)

Apache F-730Apache, F730

TOBYIToby, F203

Blue_Bear_Grand_GalBlue Bear Grand Gal, 348679

In addition to Joker B (above), his racing blood includes

Man O' WarMan O’ War, TB

(Pictue to Follow)
War Pardon
, TB

Three BarsThree Bars, TB

His Sire & Dam –

J.B.s Sham-O-Kin
J.B.s Sham-O-Kin
K Bar Sugarbear & JBS Sham Again

(Click Here for Full Pedigree)


State Fair 1998

Sham Again State Fair

 Shown by Andrea Jackson
Assisted by Tracy Roop

State Fair 1998

State Fair '98

State Fair '98 Tracy

The little guy placed Fifth in his very large class of older 1998 foals.Sham Again 1998




September 2013



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Duplicating Himself in
Conformation, Mind, & Color

Sham Again Birth
Newborn JBS Sham Again 1998

These are Sham Again’s first foals ever, August 6, 2015
Sundancing Chelsea O (left), foaled 5-16-15
Joker Nava O Sunbear (right), foaled 6-4-15
– Personality, Color, White Ear Tips and All –

Chelsea & Joker August 6, 2015
Chelsea & Joker
August 6, 2015