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  1. Formerly co owner of Spotted Rump Ranch in Mooresville, IN
    I loved this breed and the many friends I met along the way. I miss the rush. Love you all and doing fine in Indianapolis with my Mini Longhaired Dachshunds, former home of AKC CH Highrollers MKS Ruby Begonia MLD Dachshund who sadly passed to the rainbow bridge on 1/6/13. Went from the big ring to the little ring and got my winner myself my way. Kyle Money (former IAA Director)

  2. I love your stallion! I have a mare just like him! She is a spotless Appy too! She has been CRHA National Champion pleasure mare for the past 4 years! I’m hoping to breed her this spring! You will probably hear from me soon!!

  3. Your stallion JBS Sham Again is absolutely breath-taking. He is by far my favorite Appaloosa of all times right now, and most likely will always stay #1. Wow, he’s gorgeous. Horses like him are the reason I love riding them, and even just being around them. I’ve grown up with horses, and I plan on my career revolving around them. Thank you, for sharing his beauty with the world.

  4. Lovely stallion, very refined & good mover. I sure wish I still had my lovely solid Appy made to barred to him. Many good wishes for your success.:-)

  5. I love what you’ve done with your scrap book! I love the old ads and articles from the Appaloosa News and I really loved reading “Crosses That Will Kill You Color” again, it had been years!

    Sharon January
    ICAA Secretary
    ICAA District Rep, Territory VI

  6. What I like about Sham is that he carries a lot of old blood but is still a very pretty horse. So many of the “foundation” lines to me have nothing going for them but their color. And it’s pretty cool when an old horse produces another horse that is getting on in age because some of those kind can carry lines that are rare to find anymore so close up in a pedigree.

  7. Your stallion is by far one of the most correctly conformed Appaloosa’s and his color is a bonus! Will be contracting you in the future! Your stallion won’t leave my dreams!

  8. JBS Sham Again is a unique idividual . He has the size and the few spot with no gray and no rat tail ,but long flowing mane and tail. He has the ols stallions like Toby and chief Malhuer and Joker B ,and Comanche,Bear step and Apache 2 ,and Bright Eyes Brother,and High hand (my favorite),Whizzer K bars,and Banjo . These are all good color producers and had a long history of performance and halter. No diseases that I know of.He Sham has a 5 panel Negative which few stallions can say today. I hope you are frezzing semen by the hundreds so we can have his foals for twenty more years. I hope to breed a Qh mare to him in 2017 and she is disease free.

  9. He is lovely! I had a gorgeous black and white Appaloosa in the 70’s and 80’s until I sold him. It seems there are less and less Appaloosa’s with color these days. I attended horse shows specifically for colored horses- Paints, Pintos, Appys in Oregon. Now it seems many Appaloosas look more like Quarter Horses. Not sure why this is? I love the breed and the history behind them.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! We agree with your observations on the modern colored QH! We are doing our best to keep the original breed and the old bloodlines alive! There are two foundation registries that are doing that.

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