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Live Colored Foal Guarantee

Multiple Mare Discounts

Deep Discounts to ICAA, FAHR, and FAA Registered Mares

JBS Sham Again is
62.5% Foundation according to FAHR
calculations and can produce FAHR eligible offspring
from mares calculated at 87.5% and higher
Sham will breed 5 panel negative FAHR mares
of 87.5% and higher for FREE.
Please verify your #’s with FAHR before booking.

Work & Earn Option for Local 4H Members & Leaders

Breeding 2014 - 1 Breeding 2014 - 2 Breeding 2014 - 3 Breeding 2014 - 4

His $350 stallion service fee for live cover includes five days of free mare care for dry mares booked before January 1 of the year booked.  Mare care will be added for dry mares booked after December 31.   Mares with foals are not accepted.

Watch for Sham’s 2018 foals
– the last of a rare line
with ApHC foundation roots!


When selecting a stallion for your mares, please refer to the article, “Crosses That Will Kill Your Color” by George B. Hatley on our Scrapbook Page.  JBS Sham Again was not available to paint or grey mares, or to mares not allowed by the ApHC.

Also, please insist any breeding stock be five panel tested – Animal Genetics is a good choice for testing but there are others.  See links on our Scrapbook page.

NO horse is worth the risk
of breeding painful genetic defects forward.
They can be eliminated by
responsible breeders in
one generation.