Moving On

Chelsea (Left) & Joker (Right) November 20, 2015

Chelsea (Left) & Joker (Right)
November 20, 2015

Ivory Rose May 29, 2016

Ivory Rose
May 29, 2016

Please see pages for Sundancing Chelsea O (2015 filly), Joker Nava O Sunbear (2015 gelding), and  Ivory Rose (2016 filly) in the menu.  They are all 5 panel negative by default.  Joker is living in NE Ohio, and Chelsea is in SW Michigan.  Sale of Ivory Rose fell through – she is still available!  A foal from Sunshine Appaloosas comes with a lifetime of love and support.  Please continue to follow them on their pages here and on FaceBook.

Chelsea and Joker are out of beautiful, sweet mares leased from Renee Clarke of Millersburg, IN … please read about them on our “Mares” page.   These are exceptionally well bred and correct ApHC Foundation bred ICAA mares, both 5 panel negative.  Dancer is the dam of Sundancing Chelsea O and Ivory Rose; she is for sale open.  Magic is the dam of Joker Nava O Sunbear; she has been sold open.

These two mares have produced the ONLY JBS Sham Again foals.
—— Do not be fooled by fraudulent claims of any other JBS Sham Again foals. ——


These old lines were bred for versatility.
There is no reason they can’t do it all.
Follow them here and on our FB page
as they move on to bigger and better things
in their new forever homes with Mary & Sue.

Chelsea & Joker August 6, 2015

Chelsea & Joker
August 6, 2015