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Chelsea & Joker August 6, 2015

Chelsea & Joker
August 6, 2015

The old line Appaloosas were bred for beauty, strength, stamina, sound minds, and versatility.  Versatility of these old lines is key while modern Appaloosas are often bred for one specific discipline.   While I enjoy and appreciate horses of most types and colors, my focus continues to be on the old line authentic/Foundation Appaloosa as defined and carefully selected by the founders of the ApHC – the ApHC Foundation Appaloosa.  There is no reason they can’t do it all.
I am proud to have made a very small contribution to that goal by bringing Chelsea, Joker, and Ivory into the world.  Although Sham’s contribution was cut short, two more foals will honor his legacy in 2018.  Please click “Mares” in the menu as we update news of their arrival.
Chelsea and Joker have moved on to bright new futures with Mary and Sue.  Chelsea’s full sister, Ivory, is still available after being removed from the market when a buyer contracted her as a weanling and then cancelled nearly a year later; Renee continued Ivory’s ground training and she is ready to meet her new people!  Be sure to follow them all on their pages of this website and on our Facebook page. Their sire and grandsire are at peace but never forgotten.
This page will be used for special announcements and information about all types of Appaloosas going forward.  Just facts, no opinions.  My goal is to provide valid and accurate unbiased information geared toward the true authentic/ApHC Foundation Appaloosa.   Ideally, I would love to persuade you to help in the revival of the endangered Foundation Appaloosa.  The choice is yours, of course, and no choice is wrong.
To discuss ideas and ask questions, please join the closed Facebook Group – Registered Appaloosas – Uncensored.  The comments section of the pinned post lists an unbiased description of most Appaloosa registries, clubs and associations to help you find the group or groups that best fits your goals.  They are all good but different.  There is absolutely no need to consider one better than another.
My barn is empty but this beautiful, smart, loyal, and trusting breed is forever in my heart.  If I can help you learn more about it, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m no expert but I know people who are.  If I can’t answer your question I would be happy to help you find someone who can!